Coming spring 2023

YOUR Wellness YOUR Way
Six week wellness and activity challenge to go 100 miles for Spina Bifida AND FOR YOUR HEALTH!

What is the 100 Mile Challenge?
In spring 2023 chapters across the country will be competing in a 100 Mile Challenge for Spina Bifida – a wellness program designed to help YOU reach YOUR wellness goals. We aim to have 100 participants, each raising $100 and reaching 100 miles through a variety of activities and wellness opportunities

What are the activities? YOU choose!
Walk, roll, read a book, bike, do yoga, hike, fitness class, drink water, lift weights, run, eat vegetables, sleep 8 hours, meditate, wheelchair basketball, adaptive tennis, etc.

How do I get 100 miles?
Each activity counts for one mile. If you do three activities a day you’ll easily reach 100 miles in 6 weeks. For example, here’s what one day might look like:

Walk/roll for one mile for exercise = 1 mile

Drink recommended daily amount of water = 1 mile

Eat 5 servings of fruit and veggies = 1 mile

Meditate for 15 minutes on everything that you are grateful for today = 1 mile

We’re here to help!
There will be weekly programs and scheduled check-ins to help you recognize good fitness and health habits that will help you GO 100 MILES for SPINA BIFIDA!

Download Tracking Sheet for 100 Mile Challenge

It’s never too late to start improving your health and wellness!