Walk-N-Roll 2020 | 100 Mile Challenge!

Our most important event is our annual Walk-N-Roll held in the fall, where over 400 people walk together and raise money to show support for people with Spina Bifida.

THIS YEAR we changed Walk-N-Roll 2020 to a summer event--a 100 mile fitness challenge! Our goal is to promote walking, rolling, and healthy living for the rest of the summer to help keep everyone healthy and focused on staying that way!

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Can you do it??

Walk-N-Roll is usually a fall event where we all walk and roll together for one mile. But we can’t do that this year so we’re challenging EVERYONE to do 100 miles!

Yes! 100 miles over six weeks–July 11 – August 22. You can do it!

If we’re going to all stay safe at home we might as well focus on staying healthy and getting in shape (or staying in shape!)

You have six weeks to accomplish 100 miles between July 11- and August 22.

Wherever you can stay safe and reach 100 miles!  Hopefully with your family or fitness friends!

Well, that’s the fun part!! It’s about promoting fitness and healthy habits!

Here’s how you add up your miles :
One mile =
• One mile of walking, rolling, biking, hiking, running, swimming,
pushing stroller or chair–or walking your dog?!
• One hour of yoga, fitness, exercise, weight training, stretching
or an organized class
• Eight hours of sleep/night
• Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables/day
• Drink water per your height/weight recommendations
(ie: 8 oz of water/8 times a day)
• One hour of reading a book (not a comic book!)

Here’s a fun way to track your miles:
SB WNR 2020 Tracker 11×17

ALSO – since this is Walk-N-Roll we have a goal of raising $50,000

How? Get your team together! Ask family and friends to sponsor your
100-mile challenge and help you reach your goals! If you walk and roll
(and practice healthy habits together) then you all stay healthier! Get
sponsors and donations for each mile or for your total efforts.

Every team that signs up gets:
• Tracking support through Live Healthy Iowa!
• Online fitness programs just for us!
• Weekly online live fitness program
• Armband to carry your phone while walking, rolling, etc.
• Up to 5 face masks to wear while walking/rolling (if around others)
• Up to 5 t-shirts to wear while walking/rolling (you can order sizes)
• Yard sign that says “Support my 100-mile fitness challenge!”

Team must commit to:
• The 100 mile challenge
• Track fitness and log in to report weekly
• Raise at least $1,000 (Ideas: Ask for matching funds from employers)
• Post a photo at least once a week of your team doing a fitness activity
or idea for getting 5 servings of fruits and veggies in a day or how to get a good nights sleep (we will list ideas!)

Prizes awarded to:
• Top 3 teams with top total mileage
• Top 3 teams with highest fundraising
• Most creative mileage makers
• Most creative fundraisers

What will SBAI do for you?
• Help you track your miles
• Organize programs to support fitness and fundraising
• Send out regular fundraising ideas
• Engage with participants directly
• Provide weekly check-ins
• Provide weekly live program on Zoom

Will we still have Walk-N-Roll in October?
If it is safe to gather in October we will plan an event to promote Spina Bifida Awareness Month and World Spina Bifida Day –which is October 25!


Walk-N-Roll 2020 FAQs For WNR 2020

How does a team work?
A team is set up to support one individual (you or your child!) who will accumulate 100 miles and raise at least $1,000.

Who should be on a team?
A team consists of everyone who is supporting you in reaching 100 miles and raising at least $1,000. Your friends and family and all of your supporters are part of your team!

Do my team members accumulate miles?
We’re all in this together! Team members can accumulate miles with you, but you are the only one that needs to track and submit your mileage for the challenge.
If team member wants to also do the challenge themselves they can start their own team to accumulate 100 miles and raise at least $1,000!

How do I register?
First register your team at SBAIA.org. This is your fundraising site. Click on the link to the “store.” Here is where you order your t-shirts–no payment necessary. Just order by the deadline to get the right sizes.
After registering we will send you a link to register at Live Healthy Iowa so you can track your miles every day.

Who is a team captain?

A team captain can be you or the person who is helping you track your mileage and raise money. The team captain should be the contact person for SBAI and is the designated leader for the team.
A team captain plays a special role in the ultimate success of your mileage and fundraising!

Thank you team captains!

What does a team member do?

Team members should encourage you and be your support system for reaching your mileage and fund-raising goals! The goal is to participate in fitness activities together and encourage each other to exercise, eat fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and get adequate sleep!

Why does a team have to raise $1,000?

The 100-mile Summer Challenge is being held in place of our regular Walk-N-Roll for 2020.
The WNR is the only fund-raising event for the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa, so we’re doing a challenge in 2020 instead of a one-day event, due to the need for physical distancing and to keep all of us safe!
Raising $1,000 is the minimum! We hope you put in all your efforts just like Walk-N-Roll!

Where does the money raised go?

Funds raised go to the programs and services of Spina Bifida Association of Iowa which includes direct assistance programs for families who need help covering the costs of medical supplies or travel to medical appointments. Funds also support camp scholarships for kids and college scholarships for students with Spina Bifida.
*NOTE–like many other non-profit organizations and small businesses, SBAI has taken a financial hit because of the global pandemic. And we know that families are in need and we want to be able to help. We need to reach our goal of $50,000 to help us help our members.

How do I track my miles?
Our tracking partner is Live Healthy Iowa! They sponsor fitness challenges for businesses, but this is the first time they have partnered with an organization doing an adaptive program.

You can track your miles on the sheet that you download from sbaia.org or the tracking sheet from the Live Healthy Iowa web site. Then you enter your miles every day at livehealthiowa.org so everyone can see your progress! And challenge each team to get their miles in!

WHEN YOU ARE EXERCISING — We recommend that you use MapMyWalk when you are out walking, running, rolling and strolling. It is a free downloadable app for your phone. Set it when you start walking, then put your phone in your new phone sleeve holder (that you will receive with your t-shirts) and at the end of your walk it tells you your mileage!

Will we still have Walk-N-Roll in October?
If it is safe to gather in October we will plan an event to promote Spina Bifida Awareness Month and World Spina Bifida Day –which is October 25!