Special Funds to Support Special Programs!

The Dan Biller Fund

The Dan Biller Fund supports programs for adults with spina bifida. Dan Biller was a long-time board member and leader of the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa who retired from his leadership position in 2017 and was honored by this fund created in his name. His passion for the mission of the SBAIA comes from his adult sister who has spina bifida, Mary Helen. Mary is living and thriving in Des Moines, Iowa!

Adults with spina bifida are living longer! But there are challenges that come with managing lifelong spina bifida. Currently, there aren’t enough medical practitioners who specialize in spina bifida for the existing adult population. Further, the medical needs of this population are constantly changing. Adults may also face unique challenges in employment, transportation, education, and social networking. Funds provided for adult programming can address special needs in this area.

Camp Scholarships

Going to camp is a major milestone and a move toward greater independence for many children, especially children with a physical disability. Spina bifida has its own challenges when it comes to being away from home and caregivers. Children with these special needs bond together and create lifelong friendships because they share similar everyday experiences. Many kids with spina bifida are the only child in their community with this condition. Being able to spend time with other kids like themselves is special. Going to a summer camp designed especially for them is a perfect way to do that!

The Spina Bifida Association of Iowa provides scholarships–or camperships 🏕– for kids to go to special camps. These camps can be too costly for many families. The SBAIA has provided scholarships for kids to attend these camps:

  • Spirit Camp (Florence, South Dakota)
  • Adaptive Sports Camp (Cedar Falls, Iowa)
  • Camp High Hopes (Sioux City, Iowa)
  • Wonderfully Made Camp (Dayton, Iowa)
  • Ironwood Springs Christian Wheelchair Basketball Camp (Stewartville, Minnesota)
  • Youth Rally (Colorado)

Each summer the SBAIA gets more requests for camp scholarships. Each child with spina bifida is eligible for a maximum of $500 for camp each year.

To keep up with the growing demand for camp, we need your support to sponsor a child to go to camp. This is a great way to give and to know that your gift is making it possible for a child to learn, make new friends and gain independence–all while having fun at camp!

College Scholarships

The Spina Bifida Association of Iowa supports college scholarships for students in Iowa with spina bifida. The SBAIA provides $500/year for students aged 18-26 who complete an application.

Applications are available here.

You can support this program by sponsoring a student directly or contributing to our college scholarship fund. The Spina Bifida Association of Iowa camp and college scholarship programs are funded entirely by private donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations interested in higher education.

Scholarship donations can be made as a one-time donation to the SBAIA Scholarship Program.