Adulting with Spina Bifida




Adulting with Spina Bifida: It’s Your Life, Get Ready, Get Real

Creating a life of your own?
Working to make your life better?
 Join us for a first-time-ever event focusing on young adults (16 and older) with spina bifida. This weekend retreat provides a guide to important questions:
What do I want to do with my life?
Am I prepared for college or work?
How will I live and get around?
How do I find love and community?
What will it take to stay healthy?
Adulting with Spina Bifida will provide time and space for you to hear from other adults
with spina bifida and professionals with expertise.
Convenient housing right next to the conference location. Click on the link to take a look: (Langrock Hall)
Highly engaging breakout sessions
Lots of fun:  a spa night, painting and games, optional therapeutic horseback riding and storytelling sessions.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided
Mini-fashion show
Collection of interesting, helpful vendors
College fair: learn about preparation, admissions, financial aid and more
REALLY cool t-shirts
Bag full of surprises just for showing up
All this for just $25. It’s the deal of the decade.
Oh, yes, your parents. They can come too for a program designed for just for them and plenty of opportunities to connect with other parents and share wisdom. We want and need their support.