GAP: Grant Assistance Program

GAP: Grant Assistance Program–new in 2021! GAP aims to assist people with Spina Bifida and their families create a better, brighter future by: filling gaps in their needed resources taking advantage of opportunities for growth and development supporting an individual’s commitment to better health and independence demonstrating new ways to build community support raising additional… Read more »

College Scholarship Program

The SBAIA believes in supporting access to a quality education as a way to assist individuals with Spina Bifida in achieving greater independence and better quality of life.   Scholarships for post-secondary education will be awarded to individuals with Spina Bifida to assist them in their pursuit of a post-high school degree. Funds may be… Read more »

Camp Scholarship Program

Ready to go to camp? We can help! Scholarships are available to help individuals affected by Spina Bifida attend camps that help build their social, mental and physical health. Scholarships are distributed DIRECTLY TO THE CAMP OR SPONSORING ORGANIZATION to assist with the registration cost for attending camp. Reimbursements cannot be made to individuals who… Read more »

Newly Diagnosed? We are here to help!

If you are an expectant parent who has been told that your pregnancy is affected by Spina Bifida, we can help you find resources or connect you to people who can share their experience and expertise. Or if you are a parent of a young child or an adult who has just been diagnosed with… Read more »