GAP: Grant Assistance Program–new in 2021!

GAP aims to assist people with Spina Bifida and their families create a better, brighter future by:

  • filling gaps in their needed resources
  • taking advantage of opportunities for growth and development
  • supporting an individual’s commitment to better health and independence
  • demonstrating new ways to build community support
  • raising additional volunteer resources and funding

Grants should support inclusion, vibrancy, health and self-sufficiency. The SBAIA also strives to assist people with Spina Bifida build community and supports leadership opportunities.


Grants are limited to $500 for any one individual or immediate family per calendar year. Exceptions to this limitation may be made in cases of extreme need, if funds are available.

The number of grants available are dependent on the success of the SBAIA in meeting its fundraising goals, as well as the number of applications received and approved.

Applicants must be from Iowa (or bordering communities) and affiliated with the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa.

Documentation must be provided on the program, service or item to be secured. Funds are given to the vendor or service provider (not the applicant) except in emergency circumstances.

If the grant requested is for a medical expense, proof must be provided that the expense is not covered by private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and/or an appeal has been denied.

GAP is not intended for camp or college scholarships. A separate application is available for those programs.

Application Process

Applicants should complete an application and, at their discretion, add letters of support. Requests will be considered April 1, July 1, Sept. 1, and Dec. 1. Exceptions to this timetable will be made in cases of emergency need or when timelines don’t match local need.

At least two officers of the board and the executive director will review applications.