Brynlee’s Herd

Our team is filled with friends and family from all over who love and support Brynlee through her journey with Spina Bifida

Mary Helen’s Angels

All funds raised by my team, this year, will go to this fund, which supports initiatives, for adults with Spina Bifida. Dan Biller is my brother. He and I have been members of the Spina Bifida Association Of Iowa, since 2012. He was Chairman of the organization from 2012 to 2018. As he stepped down,… Read more »

Benny Boo

We are supporting all kids born with Spina Bifida like Benny!

Team Emmie Brave & Strong

Our team is supporting Emmie Boylan! We choose to support Emmie and the Spina Bifida Assocaition of Iowa as they try to make Emmie’s and others lives easier. This is done by providing direct assitance programs, educational programs, social events, camp sponsoships and more. The SBAIA enhances lives!

Team Camden

Our team supports Camden, a kindergartner who was born with spina bifida in 2013. For all the challenges he’s faced, Camden is a happy and energetic child who inspires his family everyday.

Sutters Journey

We walk with Sutter who is a 5 year old with Spina Bifida.

Team Smiley Rylie

Rylie is a 14 year old with a good outlook on life. She sees no handicap and is the happiest little girl you’ll ever meet.

Team Smiley Rylie

Rylie is 14 and is the happiest little girl you will ever meet. Please donate to her cause.