Why Give?

The Spina Bifida Association of Iowa (SBAIA) serves adults and children who live with the challenges of spina bifida. Our mission is to build a better and brighter future for all those impacted by spina bifida. SBAIA is an affiliated chapter of the Spina Bifida Association, the only national voluntary health agency solely dedicated to enhancing the lives of those with spina bifida and those whose lives are touched by this challenging birth defect. Education, advocacy, and service are at the heart of SBAIA’s local programs. Research is supported at the national level by the Spina Bifida Association.

Lives are changed by the programs SBAIA creates, the services the organization provides, and the accomplishments of its advocacy efforts. As a part of the SBA network of chapters, the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa touches hundreds of people each year. This organization serves individuals with spina bifida and their families in Iowa. This is only made possible with the financial support of individuals like you who support SBAIA.

SBAIA works with a dedicated group of professionals, families, and individuals with spina bifida to provide resources, build connections, educate, advocate, and increase public awareness of spina bifida. Our goal is to provide resources to help individuals with spina bifida manage their condition and thrive!

How you can help

Use this form to make your donation:

You can also pay by check. Checks may be sent to SBAIA at:
Spina Bifida Association of Iowa
8525 Douglas Avenue Suite 39
Urbandale, IA 50322

Your gift is tax-deductible. The SBAIA is a 501c3 in the state of Iowa.

Thank you!

Your gift will make a difference in the future of those living with spina bifida.

Matching Gifts

Maximize your support for the SBAIA through your employer.

Corporate employee matching gift programs are a great way to elevate your donation to the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa. Many employers generously match an employee’s or retiree’s gifts to a non-profit organization. An employer-based matching gift program is typically an agreement to match dollar for dollar. Often, employers match 100% of the original donation. The matching must be made within a certain period of time from the original donation (30 days is standard). Most companies with a matching program have a cap, or limit, to what they will match for each employee annually.

As a donor, you might have a few questions.

  • What do I need to do to participate in a matching gift program? How do I designate the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa as a recipient of matching gifts for my donation?
    • Setting up for matching funds will only take a few minutes. It can make a major impact on the organization receiving the funds. If your employer will match a gift to the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa, your company’s matching gift form should be submitted with your own cash donation to the SBAIA office.
  • How do I find out if my company has a matching gift program?
    • Your HR department should be able to quickly answer this question.
  • Where do I get the forms?
    • If your gift is a one-time donation typically you can pick up the form and mail it to the office of the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa (see address in link below) with your check.

Planned Gifts

Planned Giving

Individuals who make a planned gift to the SBAIA are supporting the sustainability of the organization. These special donors help to perpetuate the work of the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa. By informing us of your planned gift, you will be included in this special group of donors. You may also choose to remain anonymous. If you have already made a planned gift, but have not shared this information with the SBAIA, please let us know so that we can celebrate your legacy!

Qualifying Gifts

  • A bequest to SBAIA in a will or trust
  • Naming SBAIA as a Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust, that will ultimately benefit SBAIA
  • Naming SBAIA as a beneficiary of an IRA or other retirement plan

Honorary Gifts: Gifts That Keep on Giving

There is no better way to recognize special people in your life than with a gift to the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa. Your gift will be acknowledged in our newsletter, plus both the donor and the recipient will receive a personal acknowledgment of the honorary gift.

Honorarium or Tribute Gifts

Celebrate a special occasion or loved one’s birthday. Honor a special doctor, nurse or therapist. Applaud a friend’s accomplishments. Say “congratulations” or simply “Thank You”.

We encourage honorarium gifts for:

  • Birthdays
  • Health Milestones
  • Bat Mitzvah/ Bar Mitzvah
  • Career Promotions
  • Anniversaries

Memorial Donation

The Spina Bifida Association of Iowa welcomes donations in memory of a loved one, be it a family member or friend. When the donation is received SBAIA will send a personalized card to the family, or individual, indicated with notification of your gift of remembrance. The Spina Bifida Association of Iowa depends on generous contributions from individuals, corporations, and organizations to continue its services and programs in Iowa.

Please consider your family member or friend and the SBAIA when a special occasion arises.

Questions? Please contact us!