Giving Tuesday is December 1, 2020

  • GivingTuesday!

    December 1, 2020 at 12:00 am


    This year for GivingTuesday we are looking for hope! Hope that in 2021 we can continue to support the activities that help people with Spina Bifida live bright and beautiful lives.

    We are hoping that in 2021 kids with Spina Bifida can resume activities together like camp and sports. We hope that adults with Spina Bifida can resume and lead their activities that help their community.

    We already have plans for more virtual ways to stay connected, informed and active too!

    Help support our campaign of hope for 2021. Whether you'd like to support sending a kid to camp (or virtual camp), a college scholarship or a leadership program for adults, you are supporting hope for all those impacted by Spina Bifida.

    Our goal is $5,000-- that goes a long way in an organization like ours!

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